MacKendrick Art   by Stephanie MacKendrick

Haliburton & Beyond - Capturing the Mood 

Painting has been a lifelong passion and for more than 25 years I have been showing and selling my work.  I have always been inspired by light and colour, and of course, beauty, whether that is in the city of Toronto where I grew up, or in Haliburton County, where we now live, on beautiful Halls Lake. 

Since my last solo show, I’ve been working on commissions and developing a series of paintings that reflect the visual interest I find in two places: the spectacular rugged scenery in Haliburton and urban landscapes featuring the Toronto neighbourhoods I grew up in and around. 

This year I am again offering for sale packages of 20 Christmas cards featuring four of my urban landscapes in Toronto featuring falling snow.  Two of those scenes feature iconic Toronto streetcars.  The idea of making Christmas cards started when a friend saw one of my snow scenes and asked if I had ever considered making Christmas cards with the image.  They have proved very popular and they are again available by contacting me at